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Mis à jour : 1 avr. 2020

  1. Our Mission The European Federation of Farriers Associations develops a common basic standard of competence in farriery. The Mission of the European Federation of Farriers Associations is to improve the welfare of the horse by encouraging the highest standards of trimming and shoeing.

  2. Our Objectives To provide a forum for the spread of knowledge and best practice amongst farriers throughout Europe.To arrange educational events and farriery competitions in order to raise standards of farriery throughout Europe.To develop a common basic standard of competence in farriery.To encourage all European countries, whether members of the European Union or not, to adopt this common basic standard as a minimum and to accredit national qualifications against this common basic standard.To prevent and avoid suffering by and cruelty to horses arising from the trimming and shoeing of horses by unskilled persons.To develop and publicise a register of Certified Eurofarriers.To encourage all working farriers to undertake a programme of continuing professional development/lifelong learning.To encourage close working between farriers and veterinary surgeons on the therapeutic treatment of horse's hooves.To assist member nations in developing common standards of regulatory legislation relating to the trimming and shoeing of horses.To encourage safe and healthy working practices.To encourage the education of the horse owning public in relation to the art and science of farriery.To provide representation on behalf of the members on matters concerning the farriery industry in Europe.

  3. Our History The European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA) was founded on 14 December 1997 at the Veterinary School at Maisons Alfort in Paris. This followed preparatory meetings at Stoneleigh (UK) in 1995, Utrecht (Netherlands) and Verona (Italy) in 1996.Membership The original member nations were: Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Over the next few years, Belgium left EFFA, while Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland and Norway joined. This led to the 15 member nations that are listed elsewhere on this site. Malta and Algeria are represented by individuals.Download long version as pdf file.

  4. Key Achievements EFFA has brought together farriery associations in 15 European nations so that they can discuss problems and find solutions together..EFFA has developed standards for farriery training and examinations, which all members can use as a basis for their national training and examination schemes, knowing that they will be recognised in other member nations..EFFA has developed training manuals and an on-line training tool (eHoof) to give support to training farriers and apprentices..EFFA recognises national training and examination schemes that meet its standards with the award of Certified Eurofarrier (CEF) for individual farriers who have completed accredited training..Once every two years, EFFA arranges a Eurochampionships in shoemaking and shoeing to allow farriers from different countries to compete against each other.. In alternate years, EFFA arranges an educational event for the benefit of farriers still under training..EFFA speaks on behalf of farriers to the European Commission and the Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations..

  5. Member Associations Austria Czech Republic Denmark Finland Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom

  6. Farrier Schools Austria Denmark Finland Germany Netherlands Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom

  7. Executive Board President: John Ravanelli Vice President: Peter Kristiansen Board Member: Pavel Komárek Board Member: John Dooley Secretary: Chris Linssner Registrar: Linda Quinn Treasurer: Marianne Gullbrand Advisor: Gary Burton

  8. Accreditation Board Chairman: Flemming Christensen Vice-Chairman: Michael Weishaupt Registrar: Linda Quinn Board Member: Georg Rys Board Member: Bernard Vessiller Board Member: Denis Leveillard Board Member: Siegfried Dauner Rules of the EFFA - Accreditation Board

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